Now that I’m mostly retired I no longer regularly produce art for sale, nor do I maintain a shopping cart. However, feel free to contact me if you’d like to arrange to purchase any item/s.

Greeting cards are available at $4 each*, minimum 5 cards. Doodle cards are available in sets of five at $10 per set, minimum 2 sets. Wall art can be selected from the images shown at various prices, based on desired size, ranging $75 to $250. Custom wall art can be produced using words of your choice, at $120/hour for design, execution and production.

For greeting cards, include the item number found below the image on each individual page (such as CB-001). All sales are plus shipping and tax. Payment can be made via Zelle, ApplePay or PayPal.

* – Each duplicated greeting card is one dollar off. Examples:

  • 5 cards, two of which are the same = $19 ($4 for all, except $3 for the duplicated one)
  • All 5 the same = $16 ($4 for the first of them and $3 each for the rest)
  • Two pairs plus one = $17 (three $4 first cards and two $3 duplicated cards)