About me

I fell in love with beautiful letters (the definition of “calligraphy”) when I took my first college course after completing my B.A. Degree at Westmont College. Little did I know then that calligraphy would become not just a hobby and passion, but my life’s work.

I’ve been a professional calligrapher since 1980, beginning my career at a graphic design agency and then starting my own calligraphy business in 1990, when I moved to Santa Barbara.

Words are powerful, and when rendered with color and energy, they come to life. I love to create art from words that inspire my heart or that have special significance for others. 

The purpose of this website is to provide a simple way to celebrate occasions, express love and offer encouragement. Life can be hard, so I feel it is important to take every opportunity to focus on what brings hope and joy. May you find something here that speaks to your heart that you can use as a tool to bless someone you love.


Special gratitude to my husband, Troy, who made this website possible.